Precision Controlled Air Conditioner


Precision Controlled Air Conditioner

Product Description

Precision cooling technology is quite different from classical comfort air conditioning technology. Air conditioning units, which are used to dissipate the heat generated by electronic equipment in data processing centers, computer rooms and technology environments, must generally meet very specific design parameters such as warranty, efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance and interfacing with central control systems.
Minimization of energy consumption and precise control of environmental conditions are mandatory for all applications that require uninterrupted air conditioning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Structure and Panels

  • Self-supporting panels made of hot-dip galvanized sheet.
  • Glass wool insulation between double galvanized sheet metal panels.
  • RAL 7016 epoxy-polyester powder coated outer sheet.

Standard Hermetic & BLDC

Inverter Scroll Compressors

  • Built-in thermal protection switch
  • Built-in high/low bypass valve
  • Built-in drain check valve
  • Oil sump heater


  • Electrode type steam humidifier (isothermal humidifier)
  • Replaceable tank

AC/DC Fans

  • High efficiency
  • Backward curved radial fans with direct coupled motors
  • Stepless transition
  • Easy maintenance-free speed adjustment
  • 15% energy savings