• 1950


    Eklo Company, founded by Turan MUŞKARA and his friends, has become a well-known company in Turkey by being active in the fields of air conditioning, cooling, ventilation, heating, fuel-oil and diesel oil transport and distribution. They started to import Copeland cooling compressors, American Typhoon air conditioners, Italian Thermonafta burners, Italian Falconi elevators, American Sporlan coolant control elements. Danfoss managed to sell a significant amount of automatic control valves.

  • 1960

    Upon the increase in demand for burners, lifts, air conditioners and water cooling towers in Turkey, Partners of Eklo Koll. Şti. established İMAS A.Ş. in 1967 to manufacture together with other partners. They bought a land in Gaziemir region in Izmir, built a factory and started manufacturing. During this period, the sales office was located on Çankaya Gazi Boulevard.
    An agreement was made with Thermonafta and serial production of burners was started with 85% domestic inputs. In this period, in addition to burner production, fuel oil sales were also realised.
    American Typhoon brand air conditioners were partially manufactured with domestic inputs, and then İMAS created its own design and continued production under the Tayfun brand.
    In addition to these, in the same years, the company started to manufacture water cooling towers, fan coil units and water cooling groups under its own brand. In 1969, it started to sell Danfoss cooling circuit equipment.



  • 1970


    The company made an agreement with the Italian Falconi Elevators and realised the first escalator production in Turkey. And its first order was Adana – Sürmeli Hotel. In the mid-1970s, it became one of the founding partners of Turboterm, the first heat exchanger manufacturer in Turkey.

    İMAS A.Ş. was also adversely affected by the political and economic situation in 1978. It had to stop its production and operate only commercially. In 1979, American Sporlan became the representative of cooling circuit equipment and automatic control valves.

  • 1980

    İMAS A.Ş. moved to its location on Şehitler Street and continued its manufacturing activities here. However, it terminated the manufacture of burners and elevators. It continued to manufacture cooling groups and exported its first cooling group to Saudi Arabia/Mecca Redwan Redy Mix. It continued to manufacture Tayfun brand air conditioners. Started to manufacture water cooling tower and fan coil units.
    It started to manufacture ventilators by importing rotors from the Italian Nicotra Spa company and then started to sell ventilators in the Turkish market by importing ventilators from Nicotra. In 1984, the partners decided to separate. One of the two major partners bought Eklo Koll. Şti. and Turan Muşkara bought İMAS A.Ş. With the purchase of the shares of the smaller partners, İMAS was completely under the management of the Muşkara family. In 1988, İMAS A.Ş. became the representative of the German Copeland Company in Turkey.



  • 1990


    İMAS A.Ş. has started the representation process with the Italian Climaveneta Spa company in Turkey, which will last until 2011. Over 3,000 Climaveneta devices were sold in 20 years.
    In the early 90s, the company started to represent German Wieland copper pipes in Turkey.
    In 1995, the company moved to its factory in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone.
    Crane type air conditioner, precision controlled air conditioner, water cooling tower, heating apparatus, special type fan coil units and cooling groups were added to the existing production.

  • 2000

    It established an authorised service network throughout Turkey and took its products under the assurance of IMAS.
    In the early 2000s, it started to sell air handling unit equipment.
    In 2003, İMAS A.Ş. bid farewell to Turan Muskara, the founder of the company, on his last journey.
    In memory of Turan Muşkara, 1023 saplings were planted in Urla-Uzunkuyu forests by the Aegean Forest Foundation.
    In 2008, it purchased new machinery to increase its production activities.



  • 2010


    An agreement was signed with Bluebox, an Italian manufacturer of water chillers and precision air conditioners. In 2014, with the new growth move, İMAS moved to its new factory built on 16.000 m2 in İzmir Pancar Organized Industrial Zone. Chiller systems for concrete batching plants were added to the production items and started to expand its market by entering the plastic / PVC factories, chemical, iron-steel, food sectors.

  • 2020

    The pandemic and global supply problems increased the demand for domestic production. Imas reacted quickly, revamped its machine park and started production of newly designed water chillers. It became CTI certified by developing water cooling towers. Sales of different brand industrial fans has begun. The management of our company, whose professional staff started to expand, has been handed over to the 3rd generation. Supplying products to new markets was commenced with the export department established for the first time. We commissioned our solar power plant to contribute to sustainable life.