About Us

As Imas, we offer innovative products and solutions in the areas of cooling, air conditioning and ventilation for commercial, industrial, institutional buildings and residences. Our expertise in air conditioning combines technology and engineering with our experience and global vision; we increase the quality of the product in the areas where our customers work & live and the product in the production process.
During our half century of production and marketing experience in the air conditioning sector, we have been the pioneer and implementer of many innovative ideas. In our modern factory in Izmir, air and water cooled split and package type air conditioners, radial-axial fan, open-closed type water cooling tower, fancoil units, special type air conditioning systems, precision controlled air conditioners, water chillers, unit heaters, power plants and ventilation cells are produced. Our factory, which is among the leading facilities of our country in terms of its world-class technology and capabilities, is one of the few facilities in the air conditioning sector that can produce products in this range.
In the air conditioning sector, we establish international partnerships in order to fully meet the expectations and needs of our customers. With the world brands we distribute, Nicotra Gebhardt and Bluebox, we keep step with the changing necessity of the era and we contribute directly to the progress of our customers with innovative and technological products
Imas, using the latest technologies around the world, takes our services to the highest level; We continue to grow with our principles targeting quality, stability and success.