Our Quality Policy


Our Quality Policy

Misyonumuz;  Our Mission; IMAS A.Ş. is an expert organisation known for its reliability, experience and indispensable principle of honesty in the air conditioning, cooling and ventilation sector. Our vision; With our management structure that is open to innovations, we aim to take our position to the lead in our fields of activity in our sector by providing safe and healthy working conditions, focusing on quality and increasing efficiency.

We believe that achieving our goal will be made possible with “Customer Satisfaction”. In this context;

  • To establish a system that increases the ability and capability to respond to the requests and expectations of all parties within the scope of ISO 9001 QMS and TS 45001 OHS Management System in line with the purpose and context of the organisation, taking into account legal and other conditions,
  • To increase customer satisfaction by responding to customer requests and expectations in the most economical and shortest time with a quality-oriented approach by using its experience, engineering and technical knowledge within the Quality Management System in the best way,
  • To minimise hazards and risks by providing safe and healthy working conditions within the OHS Management System,
  • To adopt and implement the process-based and risk-based Quality Management System and OHS Management System, to ensure continuous improvement by analysing risks and opportunities, to ensure continuity by increasing process efficiency by setting achievable and measurable targets,
  • To invest in human resources, working environment and technology in processes aimed at increasing customer satisfaction,
  • Within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety No. 6331, to care about work and worker health and to fulfil the requirements in this direction,
  • To ensure that the necessary training is provided to ensure the development, competence and awareness of its employees in their professions,
  • We have adopted the principles of researching new technologies with R&D, following domestic and foreign technologies, improving our products that we offer to our own market and offering our product portfolio enriched with new products to the service of our customers.

With its friendly, dynamic and experienced staff and a working system that has adopted the team spirit,IMAS A.Ş FAMILY fulfils the requirements of TS-EN ISO 9001:2015 ve TS ISO 45001 standards and ensures this with the participation and effort of all its employees. Our company, which believes that its success is based on employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and honesty, will continue and improve its work in this direction.